[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F/A-18C Hornet: No, Mr. Bel… I Expect You To Fly (FYC)

Bel Geode is back in Switzerland, this time with a little help from a viewer.

After the first outing with the learjet, Bel was asked to do something more in depth, in order to see the area in a better light. To that end, viewer TomB created and sent a full flight plan package for Bel to fly, using the awesome F/A-18C Hornet.

What resulted was a more in depth look at the country of Switzerland, complete with both natural landmarks, as well as notable landmarks… Not to mention multiple references to everyone’s favorite fictional secret agent.

“You expect me to talk?”

“No… Mr. Bel, I expect you to FLY!”

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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) Learjet 45: Swiss Connection (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience Learjet 45 Swiss Connection
The first of the 2018 Aerofly  FS2 virtual tour series, Bel Geode is back in the cockpit to examine the sim, and wax poetically about the aircraft and scenery. This time around will take us to the majestic alpine land of Switzerland. The learjet 45 will be skirting the country on a course from Zurich to Geneva, in this introduction
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[Bel Geode] (FSX Steam) Oculus Rift: Grumman F6F Hellcat “100 Dollar Hamburger” (FYC)

FSX SE Oculus Rift F6F Hellcat 100 Dollar Hamburger
Recently, iBlueYonder released a two pack of airports (Plum Island - 2B2, with Minuteman Airfield - 6B6) in Massachusetts. The payware scenery package is affectionately known as the "Hundred Dollar Burger" pack. Named for an aviation inside joke, the "hundred dollar burger" is essentially ANY excuse a pilot can find to go airborne, not always ending in fine food. In
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F4U Corsair: Rocky Mtn, Hi! (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift ExperienceF4U Corsair Rocky Mtn Hi
Colorado is HERE!! The week of November 6th, 2017, Aerofly FS2 users were treated to the release of the FREE DLC for the entire state of Colorado, USA. With over 30 usable airports, and loads of new scenery making tricks, Colorado has become a feast for the eyes. For tonight's flight, Bel hops into his favorite World War II fighter-
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F4U Corsair: A Monumental Flight (FYC)

One Corsair flight just wasn’t enough. Bel Geode is back with the bent wing bird, this time to fly around the iconic Monument Valley in southern Utah.

The tour will take us to Page Municipal Airport, in Arizona (KPGA), which is an airport that should be familiar to long time viewers of Bel’s “Tomcattery Across The USA” series. Along the way we will see previews of animated humans, and parts of the Grand Canyon that were missed in the first canyon run video.

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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F/A-18C Hornet: Area 51 (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience FA 18C Hornet Area 51
In the last episode, Bel spoke about the HMD or Helmet Mounted Display. Tonight you will get the chance to see what it looks like in the Oculus Rift. For this flight, we will be flying from Twentynine Palms, in California, to Homey Airport, on Groom Lake... Better known as Area 51. Posted as part of the FSElite Featured YouTube Community project.
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F-15E Strike Eagle: Mach 2 Plus

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience F 15E Strike Eagle Mach 2 Plus
Bel Geode answers a viewer's wish to see the F-15E Strike Eagle that comes standard with Aerofly FS2. The word on the street is that IPACS modeled this thing so well that it can actually fly over Mach 2, and has enough thrust to climb over 30,000 feet in a matter of seconds. Naturally, all these things need validation. Enter
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F/A-18C: Grand Canyon Run (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience FA 18C Grand Canyon Run
Bel Geode is back with the F/A-18C to push it to the limits in Aerofly FS2. From an idea generated by a loyal viewer, this trip will take the audience from KGCN (Grand Canyon National Airport), to sunny Las Vegas... KLSV (Nellis Air Force Base) to be specific. Along the way, one can expect the usual shenanigans for which Bel
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) Dash-8 Q400: Second Look

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience Dash 8 Q400 SECOND LOOK
Bel Geode is back with a follow on to the original "First Look" at relative newcomers AeroFly FS2, by IPACS. This time around he is hopping into the Dash-8 Q400, a favorite of his, to clarify some items that he recently discovered in the few days he has been flying in this virtual reality simulator. The flight plan will take
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