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MK-Studios Lanzarote (GCRR): The FSElite Review

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MK-Studios has taken the simming community by storm by releasing a prolific string of scenery focusing on the Canary Islands, with their latest being Lanzarote Arrecife airport. The Canaries, as mentioned in previous reviews, are a very popular destination for travelers from all over the world due to their predominantly year round sunshine and picturesque landscape.

In this review we will be focusing on Lanzarote, the most northern of the Canary Islands located just 7 miles north east of Fuerteventura (another MK-Studios release). Often called the island of eternal spring, Lanzarote hosts a subtropical desert climate providing approximately 16 days of rainfall annually and boasting an average temperature of 24.8c. Being only a few hours flight time from the UK and central Europe, it’s no wonder that this destination – along with the other Canaries – sees high numbers of tourists.  In fact, tourism is one of the biggest contributors to the island’s economy for 40 years – second only to agriculture.

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Latinwings / PILOT’S Almeria (LEAM): The FSElite Review

Latinwings Almeria
Almeria is the latest in a string of scheduled releases by the developer Latinwings. Currently Almeria is only available from the PILOT’S store for 24.99 Euros.  Almeria is located in the southeast of Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean situated between Malaga and Murcia. Much of Almeria’s wealth comes from agriculture and thus makes it a very busy shipping
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MK Studios Tenerife Vol. 1: The FSElite Review

MK Studios TFS1
The Canaries, for most people in Europe, invoke memories of childhood holidays, year round sunshine or the repetitive advertising campaigns from tour operators. Around 12 million people every year visit the Canaries for a variety of different reasons - with the most popular reason being tourism. So it is little wonder that I, like many others, was eagerly awaiting MK-Studios
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Aerosoft Madeira X Evolution: The FSElite Review

In early 2015 MK Studios posted a cryptic terrain mesh of an airport that needs no introduction and asked the community if they knew the airport. This would lead to months of excruciating anticipation for the community. However almost two years later the saga was brought to an end and we welcomed Madeira Evolution X with open arms. I think
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RFSceneryBuilding Turin-Caselle Airport (LIMF): The FSElite Review


Turin Caselle Airport is one of their latest scenery packs to be developed for the Flight Sim community by RFscenerybuilding. The airport is located 16km north-northwest of the city of Turin in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. The airfield opened in 1953 on the site of a WWII air base and has seen many renovations in preparation for several major sporting events which thrust the Turin into the limelight. In both 2007 and 2008 the airport won the ACI Europe Best Airport Awards in the category 1-5 million passengers. The airfield has one runway designated as 18/36 with a total length of 10,827ft. Runway 36 is equipped with Cat III-B ILS to help with those low visibility approaches.

The airport caters for many airlines including cargo operators. To name but a few Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, easyJet, KLM and Lufthansa respectively. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding a carrier for your simulated flights.

Passenger figures through the past five years have been steadily increasing, in 2015 the airport was visited by 3,666,582 people from all over Europe. All of this ensures that many people will benefit from flying here within the Sim.

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JustSim Barcelona (LEBL): The FSElite Review

As part of our Community Charter, we provide full disclosure at FSElite. JustSim's Barcelona was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of reviewing for the community. DEVELOPER JustSim PRICE 20.64eur (+TAX) PUBLISHER SimMarket BUY FROM SimMarket JustSim Barcelona El Prat Airport is the latest release from this developer who has had a prolific string of notable releases
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UK2000 Scenery Aberdeen (EGPD): The FSElite Review

DEVELOPER UK2000 Scenery PRICE £16.99 PUBLISHER UK2000 Scenery BUY FROM UK2000 Scenery Aberdeen is an airport I've been waiting to be developed for what feels like a lifetime and I was overjoyed when UK2000 finally announced it. Aberdeen Dyce as its formerly known is a major industrial hub for the Scottish offshore oil industry with the majority of its traffic
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JustSim Klagenfurt: The FSElite Review

DEVELOPER JustSim PRICE 16.80 PUBLISHER SimMarket BUY FROM SimMarket As part of our Community Charter, we provide full disclosure at FSElite. JustSim's Klagenfurt was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of reviewing for the community. When JustSim announced Klagenfurt my immediate thoughts were fantastic: another Austrian scenery to add to my collection. Granted I had absolutely no
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Orbx Narvik Airport (ENNK): The FSElite Review

DEVELOPER Orbx PRICE $39.95AUD PUBLISHER Orbx / Flight Sim Store BUY FROM The Flight Sim Store Narvik is a port town located in northern Norway with an approximate area of 2,022.94km squared. It served as an industrial hub due to its location and still remains a vital location for the Iron mining industry, providing employment to the inhabitants. Narvik Framnes
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