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Further Previews of Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South (P3D)

Orbx Trueearth Gb South (20)
Orbx has shared some new previews of their upcoming TrueEarth Great Britain South for Prepar3D. The new previews come from a thread which is dedicated to showcasing the area around the city of Bristol in the UK. In the previews from John Lovell, you can see landmarks such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Weston-Super-Mare Pier. All of the screenshots were
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Orbx Updates TrueEarth Great Britain South and Releases Central / North on P3D

Orbx True Earth Gb P3d (3)
Developer Orbx has released the new V2 TrueEarth Great Britain South Update, along with releasing Central and North on Prepar3D V4. All three regions are sold separately and each adds a huge amount of detailed Orthoimagery for the specific region you purchase. For TrueEarth Grea Britain South areas such as London, Bristol, Brighton, Devon and parts of Wales are included.
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Orbx openLC Africa Delayed

2017 07 06 12 24 33 AM737
Sad news for those eager to get their hands on it, Orbx openLC Africa has been delayed into 2019. Courtesy of a forum post by Orbx CEO John Venema, we now know what's been keeping OLC Africa from being in our hands this year. John explains that Africa has been pushed out until February in order for Orbx to finish
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Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South 1.1 Update

Orbx developers have rolled out version 1.1 of TrueEarth Great Britain South adding a handful of new features and fixing various user reported bugs. A new feature is a control panel which allows the user to manage over 135,000 objects to improve the density in the surrounding area or improve performance. In addition to the control panel which can be
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Further Previews of Orbx’s London City (EGLC) in P3D

Orbx London City P3d Eglc (4)
Orbx announced and previewed London City for Prepar3D just a short while ago. Today, Iain Emms, Orbx screenshot extraordinaire, shared a few new previews of the airport in action. The screenshots below were taken with the latest build, along with Orbx TrueEarth GB South and a couple of REX products. The airport will be the first complete PBR airport for
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